Frank Bretschneider’s “Scombermix” (klangFarBe)

UNEARTHING THE MUSIC: Sound and Creative Experimentation in Non-democratic Europe

Frank Bretschneider’s “Scombermix” (klangFarBe)

Frank Bretschneider live. Photo taken from the artist’s site​.

Frank Bretschneider is a Berlin-based musician, composer and video artist, known for his “precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach” (Resident Advisor). While best known for being one of the founders of Raster-Noton, one of today’s best regarded experimental electronic music labels, Bretschneider was also the founder of the now extinct klangFarBe label, which he founded in 1985 in Chemnitz, then known as Karl-Marx-Stadt.



The label released only very limited runs of its eight releases during the period, and the first of these was Frank Bretschneider’s own “Scombermix”. You can listen to two of the tracks from “Scombermix” below.

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