Noise Attack – I & II (CSIndustrial 1982 – 2010)

UNEARTHING THE MUSIC: Sound and Creative Experimentation in Non-democratic Europe

Noise Attack – I & II (CSIndustrial 1982 – 2010)

Originally released in 1989 (the year of the Czechoslovakian Gentle / Velvet Revolution) by Rumple Radar Cassettes, the two NOISE ATTACK tapes (I and II) are an “art brut” influenced, experimental foray into noise and sound manipulation (particularly of radio sounds), created by Johnny Černý and dedicated to fellow noise / industrial musician Martin Jarolím (Einleitungszeit, Inborn Indolence, VO.I.D). These two tapes have recently been re-released together by the CSIndustrial 1982 – 2010 label, and you can hear them below:



About CS Industrial 1982-2010

“CS Industrial 1982-2010” is an online label, ran by Přemysl Ondra, Čenda Šopek, Michael Borůvka, which has been documenting the Czech and Slovak industrial scene. Focusing on the years 1982- 2010 and related cultural structures, it offers deep insight into the first chapters of Czech and Slovak specific electronic music genres. All of their releases from the 1982-1989 period will be made available on Unearthing The Music and can also and already be heard on their website, alongside more recent music.

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